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Usf Telecommuting Agreement

The following procedure applies to administrators and staff. If applicable, contact the Office of the Provost Faculty Policies or the USF Health Faculty and Academic Affairs for faculty telecommunications. We had already announced that the university would return to normal policy effective August 7, 2020 and would no longer allow employees to care for children while they work remotely. The university`s requirement for regular telework generally applies to workers whose duties must remain full-time on campus during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and is intended to establish flexible work rules that serve both the needs of the worker and the end-of-service service. As a general rule, we did not ask employees who already regularly work remotely or for a combination of on-campus and remote work (e.g. B ability) to enter into a telework contract, and these employees were not required to enter into the fixed-term remote employment contract at the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency. Therefore, the return of the university to normal politics has no influence on its regular organization of work. The objective of this policy is to provide procedural advice to both workers and their superiors when a request for voluntary telework or remote work agreement is requested. The president, vice-president, vice-presidents, vice-presidents, vice-presidents, deans and principals and headteachers who supervise employees who wish to work in telework. The implementation of telework must be taken into account: b. If the agreement requested is formal, the supervisor, vice-president/dean and the worker must assess the adequacy of a telework or remote work contract, paying particular attention to the rules and guidelines set out in this directive.

Telework and remote work can bring benefits to both the university and its staff, including improving productivity and performance, improving staff recruitment and engagement, reducing campus space, reducing costs, reducing environmental sustainability, responding to crises, and improving work-life balance. Telework is not a university claim or benefit.