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Nfl And 2K Agreement

Interestingly, 2K`s deal with the NFL only covers names, logos, and related elements for the league and its 32 teams — not the names, images, and similarities of NFL players. The two rights games are usually treated separately, and in fact, an NFL spokesperson told Polygon that 2K would have to sign a licensing agreement with the NFL Players Association to use real current NFL players in its upcoming video games. A representative of 2K stated that the company was not in a position to comment on whether such an agreement was in force. These two agreements apply exclusively to action simulations, arcade and manager games on PC, handheld gaming devices and consoles, including online console functions. The agreements do not provide for exclusive rights to other types of games or games accessible via the internet or wireless devices, including mobile phones. WITH EA and the NFL having again beaten in May their agreement to grant the game maker exclusive rights to NFL simulations until 2026, those hoping for a highly anticipated competition for “Madden” are out of luck for now. The deal builds on an earlier agreement signed by 2K in March to use the official NFL license in a series of upcoming football games. But don`t expect 2K to make a Madden competitor. The NFL agreement allows the publisher to develop “unsimulated football experiences.” Earlier this year, EA suspended the rights to create realistic games based on the NFL simulation until May 2026. When 2K announced the NFL deal in March, Ismailer said the company plans to “focus football games on fun, accessible and social experience.” The second question concerns the Nfl Players Association license.

2K`s press release only mentions the NFL, which means there may not be an agreement to use footage of NFL players in new 2K games. This would be another big discount for the effect of the announcement. “EA SPORTS is the exclusive publisher of NFL simulation games and our partnership with the NFL and NFLPA remains unchanged. Our agreements have always allowed the non-exclusive development of non-simulated games on different platforms.