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Naples 2 Agreement

* Please note that after Switzerland`s vote on 9 February 2014, the EU has suspended for the time being the ongoing negotiations on Switzerland`s participation in the Erasmus+ programme. Student exchanges with partner universities continue within the framework of the new “Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)” with bilateral exchange agreements. Scholarships for students are covered by Switzerland. For more information on funding opportunities, visit the website of the selected university. The final contract was signed on March 28 in Florence with the mediation of Russian General Levaef, sent by Tsar Paul I at the request of Maria Carolina. The main points of the agreement were: originally, the aim was for the Naples II Convention to create a new basis for the automated exchange of data between customs administrations and the creation of an EU-wide customs database. As you indicated in your letter, the Amsterdam European Council approved at the beginning of the year the report of the High Level Group on Organised Crime, which contained a recommendation to finalise the text of this Convention by the end of this year. The Luxembourg Presidency has endeavoured to this end and recently announced its intention to conclude and sign the Convention on 18 December. In essence, the government is keen to see this measure, which targets crime and drugs, passed as soon as possible.

This is precisely the type of EU field of activity that the government wants to promote in order to bring the EU closer to its citizens. As far as I know, the acceleration of the Presidency`s action in several other Member States applying parliamentary scrutiny to third pillar documents has necessitated additional efforts to clarify their control processes more quickly than usual. . . .