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Film Footage License Agreement

1.1 License Grant. Subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, FILMPAC grants licensee the non-exclusive, worldwide, permanent right and license to use all or part of the film in connection with the development of finished products for use by licensee or licensee`s direct end customers in all media and formats currently known or designed between them; but only within the permitted limits of use. Current rights of use are subject to compliance by the licensee with all the conditions set out in this Agreement. e) Neither films nor reproductions may be shown in whole or in part (e.g. B of filmpac.com), displayed in whole or in part (para. B example on filmpac.com) for on-demand selection by end customers, used in open video distribution channels or used by unde defined end customers. If you would like to speak to a lawyer about video rights and goods, stock-footage license or other legal issues related to video production, contact [email protected] and we can arrange a brief call. 3.1 License Right. The fee is a one-time non-refundable fee and is payable at the time of purchase. Once the license is received by FILMPAC, the license must be paid in full.

1.2 Sublicense. The licensee may sub-license the rights granted to it only if the licensee subcontracts any aspect of the production, processing or distribution of the final product to an related undertaking or to a third natural, organisation or legal person, and only as long as that related undertaking, natural person, organisation or legal person is subject to a legally enforceable agreement with the licensee: which protects the cinematographic material at least as much as this Agreement (one “subcontractor” each). Licensee is responsible for the actions of all such sublicenses, including, but not limited to, their failure to comply with Section 2 (Restrictions on Use) or any other term or condition of this Agreement. (k) Direct End Customers shall not modify, modify or modify the Final Product under any circumstances, such rights being limited to the Licensee and authorized sublicenses. Below is a legal agreement (“License”) between you, the employer or any other legal entity on whohalf you (“you” or “Customer”) take this license and Timelapse Archive Inc., which is the licensor as “Discover Footage”). By downloading movies, you agree to the terms of this license. Please read this license carefully before downloading Discover Footage Footage (“Footage”). As used in this license, cinematographic material means all images, animations, films, videos or other audiovisual representations recorded in any format and controlled or retained directly or indirectly by Discover Footage….