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Data Sharing Agreement Vumc

Teresa Knoop, MSN, RN, AOCN Assistant Director teresa.knoop@vumc.org (615) 936-5847 After launch with SPA, VUIT Security (particularly the Policy team, Risk -Compliance Team) helps the client put in place the necessary computer security controls to protect the privacy, integrity and availability of limited data. Click below on a type of contract for more information on how OCM handles any type of agreement. A DUA may be required from a third party if Vanderbilt accesses or receives its limited data. Often, the contractual terms of a DUA require that certain computer security measures be put in place to protect the data while it is held by Vanderbilt. This VUIT security service is intended to assist the Vanderbilt customer in implementing the necessary IT controls to comply with the terms of the agreement, Vanderbilt guidelines, laws, regulations and applicable legal requirements. It is available to teachers and staff at Vanderbilt University. Brief description: This course provides a theoretical overview and detailed practical knowledge of statistical analyses of socio-psychological data. Valerie Kordowski Assistant Director, Compliance valerie.kordowski@vumc.org (615) 936-7651 Brief description:This specific VUmc version of the course covers the requirements of research data management (RDM) specifically for medical research at VUmc and is aimed at PhD students. The right RDM (e.g.B. Recording, sharing, archiving, describing your search data) contributes to the transparency and integrity of the search. As new technologies advance, the volume of data and the number of files continue to increase. That`s why good data management is an essential part of data-based research.

Objective and content: the course will explain statistical techniques for analyzing biomedical data. It provides an introduction to design aspects, data synthesis and presentation methods, estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, including multivariable regression methods for association evaluation. While the course focuses somewhat on methods and examples from clinical research, it should also be useful to experimental researchers. The emphasis will be on practical application and interpretation, not theory. An optional half-day introduction to SPSS statistical software is given to those who are not familiar with this program. Brief description: The course is aimed at PhD students, practitioners and applied researchers working in the fields of epidemiology, medicine, public health, psychology, human movement sciences. The course is for anyone who wants to know more about the missing data, as the missing data may be present in your own search and you want to start your data analysis or learn to evaluate other articles or fellowships that report missing data. It is also important to be able to assess the impact of the lack of data on practical research. A Data Use Contract (ACA) is a contractual document for the transmission and use of non-public data or data that are otherwise subject to restrictions on its use. An example of non-public or restricted data may be personal data from a clinical trial or a limited set of data within the meaning of HIPAA.

A DUA is also sometimes called the Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DTUA). During this workshop, we will present and discuss the various aspects of the MDR, which generally need to be addressed in a Data Management Plan (DMP). Currently, this training involves a research DMP, combined with specific requirements for clinical DMP. Typically, a research DMP deals with topics such as data description, data storage during search, data exchange with colleagues, post-search data archiving, and data indication.