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Chicago Fire Department Collective Bargaining Agreement

Lightfoot also shot at Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Chairman John Catanzara, who left contract negotiations with the city earlier this week, after the mayor`s office offered the same 10 percent increases firefighters received, but also demanded a laundry list with changes to the department`s disciplinary procedures. The agreement has yet to be ratified. The current contract expired on June 30, 2017. The new agreement expires on 30 June 2021. It includes an increase of 10%, all of which are retroactive up to 2.5%. The agreement also provides that the City will provide firefighters with a second set of cargo equipment and other guarantees for personal protective equipment. Lightfoot officials said the city`s contract will save about $7 million a year through a series of measures, including requiring active firefighters to pay 1.5 percent more of their salaries for health care. The City also requires retirees to pay more of their retirement pension for their health care. Local 2 President Jim Tracy was unable to take a position on the preliminary agreement. Lightfoot said a second set of cargo equipment was a frequent request they heard from firefighters while visiting firefighters` huts.

However, the short-term contract expires next summer and the city must renegotiate a longer agreement with the firefighters. The agreement, which has yet to be ratified, also retains estimated union benefits and outdated staffing requirements, which cost taxpayers millions. This rule requires that each fire extinguisher be occupied by at least five people.