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Bmo Personal Account Agreement

“aggregation” means an account aggregation service that retrieves, consolidates, organizes and presents you with information about your accounts with us and other financial institutions that you wish to include. Information about these accounts and services is intended only for existing account holders. Please visit the nearest BMO Bank of Montreal branch to learn how our current suite of products can provide a better solution to your banking needs. The exchange rate for the conversion of transactions into canadian dollar currencies is the one charged to us by Mastercard International on the day of booking the transaction on your account, plus 2.5% for purchases and minus 2.5% for refunds. For transactions in foreign currencies other than the U.S. dollar, the amount is converted first to U.S. dollars and then to Canadian dollars. “Online Banking” means the different ways in which we allow you to access an account with your card or secret identification code, including: (i) Bank of Montreal banking services and any other banking services we may provide, including instructions provided orally or through the use of an interactive voice response system (for example.B. press the numbered keys on an audio phone);(ii) BMO Digital Banking; (iii) BMO alerts; (iv) BMO ATMs; or other ATMs that we approve for use, including stored value card loading devices; (v) point-of-sale or debit card terminals located on sites where you can use your card for direct payment transactions from, to or in combination with an account; (vi) all account aggregation and information or consolidation services; that we provide; (vii) any other electronic channels that we may enable you to use with the help of your card or secret id code or otherwise. We may charge fees for electronic banking and electronic transactions. You can find more information and current fees in the schedules entitled “Banking Plan Features and Fees”, “How to Get Free and Discounted Banking Services”, “User Fees”, “Additional Services and Fees” and “Bank Accounts and Plans No longer Offered” on the front of the agreements, banking plans and daily bank fees brochure. These fees are part of the Banking and Electronic Services Agreement.

We may change the fees from time to time. Up-to-date fee information can be found at all Canadian branches and online at bmo.com/agreements. “Account” means one or more of the following that we have associated with your Card at your request: (i) a personal Cheque account from Bank of Montreal; (ii) a bank of Montreal personal savings account. We can provide you with access to fund management tools (a tool) through BMO Digital Banking. These tools are made available as a courtesy. The calculations provided are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The results presented in a tool are based on certain assumptions used in the calculation models and on your BMO bank account data and/or the information you enter into that tool. The information provided by a tool is intended only for our customers. “BMO Notification” means a message (including general marketing information and messages relating to one or more of your accounts that may contain your confidential information) that we or we offer to you electronically through one or more of the following channels:(i) a message that will be posted in the Information Center;(ii) an email message sent to an email account;(iii) a text message; which is sent to a mobile phone number; or (iv) a push notification sent to a mobile device. “Secret Identification Code” means your PIN, password, questions and answers about the challenge, biometric information or any other identification code (whether provided or chosen by you) used with your Card or any other mutually agreed form of identification. .

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